Saturday, 16 March 2013

Combining Forces

As I said last week, I'm very excited to have been asked to speak at the Tenth Anniversary of the UK Tarot Conference!  Having promised Kim Arnold that I would do a workshop on the Friday afternoon about combining tarot and Lenormand, I thought I'd better try some more options for myself.

In the past on this blog I've done a reading with the Lenormand using a tarot-type spread (Grandma's Favourite Spread).  Last month, I tried a mixed deck reading drawing cards from both a tarot and Lenormand deck at the same time.  And earlier this week, I tried using tarot to clarify a Lenormand reading after the fact.  Today, what I thought I'd give a go is something which Caitlín Matthews demonstrated on her blog - using a Lenormand spread (in this case the square of nine) with tarot cards :)  I asked my ultra-trimmed DruidCraft Tarot (Connections, 2004) what I could learn by doing this:

©Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

At the heart of this reading is the Rebirth card (XX - Judgement in traditional terms).  This suggests that combining tarot and lenormand ideas in this way can take readings to a new level, opening up productive new paths and ways of seeing.  Reading the corners says that it may take time (7 of Pents) to fully connect with the inheritance from past generations of cartomancers (10 of Pents), yet doing so allows both a healthy emotional distance from the reading (King of Cups) and a deep sense of intuition (Queen of Cups).

Turning to the central cross, the 10 of Swords says that letting go of old, limiting ideas will allow new learning (Princess of Pentacles) that will open up this potential for new understandings and practices (Rebirth).  It can also put us in touch with our soul (Princess of Cups) and bring a new sense of focus and purpose (8 of Wands).

Using knighting further suggests that new learning (Princess of Pents) will come from taking time to process (7 of Pents) this new way of accessing intuition (Queen of Cups).  That soul connection offered by the cards (Princess of Cups) requires both a connection with the past, our cartomantic inheritance (10 of Pents) and yet also not letting the emotions in the cards and our readings overwhelm us (King of Cups).  To achieve this, we need a directed focus (8 of Wands) that takes everything gained so far (10 of Pents) and allows us to harvest its wisdom (7 of Pents).  Letting go of fixed ideas (10 of Swords), of a purely mental focus, will bring to the fore emotional clarity (King of Cups) and intuition (Queen of Cups). 

I think this reading worked beautifully, and it certainly suggests there is a lot to be gained from combining the forces of tarot and Lenormand: how exciting!

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