Wednesday, 13 March 2013


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Today's card from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011) is once again not exactly obvious following traditional notions.

In this version of the Two of Pentacles we see a couple of people who seem rather lost.  Above them are road signs, yet we can't make out what they say.  Thinking about this in terms of traditional meanings of finding balance in our lives, I guess prioritising is about deciding which direction we want to go in. 

Still, this card seems open to a lot of other interpretations, too.  For example, it makes me think of being lost, as well as of being on holiday or even on a business trip someplace I don't know.  A keyword for this card could be uncertainty, rather than direction.  Which makes me think that, unlike the stereotype of a male driver, when I'm lost or uncertain I tend to ask for help.  And perhaps, coming back to balance, when we're unsure of where our life priorities should be, we could also ask for help or suggestions.  Not that we have to take them, but it can be useful to get a different perspective.

I've been asking for help or at least people's opinions a fair bit recently, and it feels good to not be alone.  Perhaps there'll be more of that today, as I'm meeting with a dear friend for lunch.  Hopefully, we'll catch up on each other's news, and maybe do a reading or three to help us think about what direction we want to go in, and how to balance different aspects of our lives :)

I am grateful for friendship and support.

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  1. Choices. I just got the 2 of Coins from another deck in answer to a "what needs to flow" question. Still ruminating that.