Monday, 18 March 2013

Illuminating Hermit

©Kim Krans
Hmm, a somewhat unusual start to this Monday morning, when most people head back to work for another week.  Today's card from the Wild Unknown Tarot by (Kim Krans, 2012) is the Hermit.

A turtle sits, tucked up inside its shell decorated with squarish whorls.  On top of the domed shell sits a gas lantern.  There is a quite peaceful air to this Hermit.  Also a suggestion of sharing the illumination with others, given the lantern is held high rather than being simply sat next to the turtle.

What I see here is structure, retreat, and illumination.   Perhaps a sense that, in order to find that illumination, we need a quiet space to just be.  And that giving structure to our quiet time is also of benefit.  This makes me think of the recommendation to try to meditate at the same time each day, if possible - creating a structure for our mindfulness practice.  Not that I always manage that, but I try :)

For me today, this card feels like a reminder to find balance between quiet time and sharing with others.  After all, the turtle isn't just pulled into that shell, but also shines its light.  It can be easy, sometimes, to sink into myself, working mainly from home.  So, I shall be sure to also reach out to the world, even if it is just through my computer!  Today, I also have a visit from my mother, a wise woman who always sheds light on the world around her.  Definitely a good card for that, too :)

I am grateful for a balance of inward and outward focus.


  1. Lovely card and analysis. The turtle really is a great image for the hermit, especially with that candle on top of it :]

    1. Totally agree, it's a lovely card :)