Saturday, 16 March 2013

Infinite Strength

©Kim Krans
This week's deck is the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans (self-published, 2012).  The deck is nature-based, with no people on the cards.

And what a beautiful card to start the week!  A lion stands under the golden rays of the sun, appearing to peer through dark undergrowth.  An infinity symbol graces his forehead, and he holds a white rose gently in his mouth.  That rose replaces the innocent maid calming a savage beast.  Instead, we have a noble creature, strong and proud, yet also with the tender softness to appreciate a rose and carry it without crushing it. 

This card depicts beautifully that sense of balancing fierce and gentle aspects within ourselves, or the need for a subtle use of the strength and power at our disposal.  We could also see it that the lion himself has chosen to tame his more brutal side, for a cause.

Today, this card reminds me to temper my responses to things that might annoy or anger me.  It reminds me that the better part of valour is sometimes patience and a gentle, compassionate response to a situation.

I am grateful for the reminder to be kind today.


  1. I hope whatever was pi**ing you off has now passed. :)

    1. It's funny, when I wrote this I wasn't particularly p**sed off, I just saw that potential in the card. Then, I had a bad night, and some Online Meanie issues, and so it was more appropriate than I realised ;) However, I'm over it now - a long talk with my Dear One as we walked the Heath in a few struggling rays of sunshine did the job!