Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Indian Lenormand

Ring + Birds + Lily
Yay, it's time for another Lennie Week :)  Once again, there are lots of fabulous Indie decks to delight us!  We'll start off with the Indian Lenormand (2013), by Margaret Letzkus.  This is a traditional, 36 card Lenormand deck, but with images taken from Indian culture.  Aren't the colours amazing?

Brainstorming keywords gives me:

Committing to talking brings harmony.
A spoken commitment to passion.
An older man is bound by nervousness.
Nervousness about committing to passion.

Some interesting sentences there, partly because of the very different possible interpretations of the Lily card - passion or purity, peace and harmony or an older man. 

For me, two chime particularly - the first and last.  My Dear One and I started an important conversation on Thursday, which it might be good for us to continue today.  On the other hand, I feel quite nervous about it, even though we're talking about something which in theory I would passionately like. 

I am grateful for a partner I can talk to.

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