Monday, 25 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Kargoscha

©Kargoscha & Bock
Today, we have an interesting Lenormand deck from Germany.  Authored by Ellaheh Kargoscha, and with artwork by Michael Bock, the Kargoscha Lenormand cards (self-published, 2009) have powerful, colourful images.

Here we have the Fox, the Moon and the Tree.  Riffing on these, I see:

Deceptive emotions affect health.
Instinctual emotions affect emotional health.
Ancestral lies affect reputation.
Emotional skills influence health.

I'm sure there's plenty more that could be seen in these cards, but today all I see is the interrelation between health, emotions and instincts.  As the stressed-out parent of a child whose health is compromised, and who is currently sick again for the third time in about five weeks, I guess that should come as no surprise. 

I am grateful for the reminder to find ways to keep my spirits up.

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