Friday, 29 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Magical Lenormand

Today's deck is a rather more traditional one, once again from Germany.  The Magisches (Magical) Lenormand (Büttner Verlag, maybe 2010) is a friendly little deck, with playing card inserts that are oval, and little swirls at the sides with the numbers and copyright mark.

Magisches Lenormand
The reading, though, is a little less friendly: Coffin, Mountain, Moon.

A blocked ending affects reputation.
A long-lasting sickness you just can't get over leads to deep emotions.
Insurmountable mourning.

Thinking a little more empoweringly, perhaps the notion of blocking emotions around a painful ending or sickness might be a useful one.  While we cannot live in denial, sometimes it is useful to set our emotions aside for a while. 

Big Boy is ill again, fourth one in six weeks!  Today, then, I will take what respite I can get from difficult emotions.  I have an Indian Head Massage booked, and  will try to get my Dear One to go out for a walk in the weak sunshine shimmering outside.  For now, though, it's off to exercise :)

I am grateful for many little ways to relax.


  1. I imagine it's scary as a parent to see your baby ill. Hugs!

    1. I'm sure you've had that with your fur babies, too! Sometimes it's more exhausting than scary, or maybe I'm just too tired to be scared ;)

    2. I'm a wreck if anyone that I care about gets sick. :D So stay healthy!

    3. I'll certainly try to stay healthy, despite living with a germ factory :) I have a friend who quite consciously decided never to have kids for just that reason - couldn't face the stress and worry of sicknesses/accidents etc. Sometimes I think she had the right idea...