Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Postmark

On this chilly Wednesday morning, at least the Sun is out in Lenormand land ;)  Today's deck is the wonderful Postmark Lenormand (self-published, 2011) by the Sassy Sibyl, Melissa Hill.  Combining photos and drawings, it is a playful deck with a vintage feel.

Here we have the Lady, the Sun, and the Tree.  What can we draw from this?

A woman finds enduring happiness.
Clear intuition brings ancestral connection.
An energetic female is healthy.
A woman needs some D3 to stay healthy.
Receptivity and dynamism together are the formula for wholeness. 

Well, I'm not sure there is such a thing as enduring happiness!  After all, change is a constant.  Still, I'm feeling a fair bit happier today as Big Boy is doing better and will be going to school.  Some of the other messages also seem relevant: given how little actual sun we've been having, I will be taking my regular winter dose of D3.  And it's also true that I will be exercising: it helps lift mood as well as having physical health benefits!  So, today is a day for good health and happiness - may it be so for one and all :)

I am grateful that my son is well enough to go to school again today.


  1. Oh! I am so glad Big Boy is getting better, and I sincerely hope that helps alleviate stress on all of you. Sending health on every level to you!

    Much Love,

    1. Hiya MM,

      Many thanks! It's definitely a relief that he's no longer so sick. He's still snotty, but that's almost always the case *doh* Hope you had a fabulous birthday! :D

      Much love,