Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Moving Mountains

©Kim Krans
Another interesting card from the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012) greets us today.

This is the Three of Pentacles.  A huge mountain looms, dominating the card although in the background.  Meanwhile, in the foreground we see three colourful pentacles - etched in black but with red, blue and yellow painted around the main lines, and other colours being formed in the spaces between them.  The pentacles form a rather squat, downward pointing triangle.

I like the way the blue and yellow pentacles blend their colours on the line between them, forming green.  This speaks to me of combining forces, of melding the best that each of us can offer, hinting at the traditional "teamwork" interpretation of the card.  The mountain makes me think of the idea that together we can move mountains.  So, the ability to come together, to create something beautiful and powerful.

It's funny, although most of my work is solitary, I still recognise the number of people who help in one way or another.  Big Boy's carers, who give me some space for work and creative pursuits, my Dear One who is happy to listen and helpful in his suggestions, the same for my mother.  Even further afield, there are on-line friends who help out with recommendations and support, be it on social networking software or lovely new decks to check out, or inspiration from their wonderful ideas, or just a friendly comment to lift my spirits.

I am grateful to everyone who reads and comments on this blog!


  1. What a fantastic way of interpreting this card that I never would have seen!

    1. Hiya Krysten,

      Well, we each see something (often not the same thing) every time we look at a card. And I didn't see this til I stopped and took some time to think about it. It's one of the reasons I love blogging! It gives me that time to stop and think :) I get a lot out of it in terms of the cards, as well as the human element of connecting with people :)