Monday, 11 March 2013


©Roveda & Gabrielli
Oh my, this is a strangely powerful card from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

It's pretty far from the traditional image of someone in bed, waking from nightmares, that's for sure!  Instead, we have a dejected-looking man in office-drone attire standing to one side.  Towering over him on his right is a man in casual clothes and chaps, looking down and pointing at him with a mocking smile on his face.  Come to think of it, it is rather a scene from a nightmare.  The only thing that's missing is to have forgotten to put on his trousers ;)

While this card gives me less a sense of insomnia than the traditional concept, it still speaks of attacking ideas circling round in our head, making us feel unhappy.  Worrying that we're not good enough, that we aren't up to the job, whatever the job happens to be.

Still, the unrealistic size difference between the two men is a pictorial reminder that these ideas and worries aren't real: they are our own imaginings.  If we were to actually face that giant, we'd find he's not really so tall...

So, what fears do I need to face today?  There are a couple of things I've been putting off for a while, telling myself I'd do them when I'd completed this, that or the other.  One is to do with my dissertation, asking for an extension.  The other is health related, a doctor I should have gone to see two weeks ago.  Perhaps it's time to stop procrastinating and just get them done!

I am grateful for the suggestion that my fears aren't as big as I paint them.


  1. very intriguing image. i do see this as a great depiction of inner anxiety - that you aren't doing your job well enough, that your job isn't what you 'should' be doing, that your work will never be as worthwhile of people who do more 'interesting' things etc...

    good reminder about facing things/not procrastinating so much indeed.

    1. Yes, I was remarkably impressed with this deck overall! Will definitely be reading with it some more :)