Monday, 4 March 2013


©Orna Ben-Shoshan
It's interesting how varied these Alphabet for Lovers cards are, despite all having a couple on them.

On today's card we have a man and woman wearing matching brown clothes and grey-and-white hats, though with slightly different trim.  They are close together, almost touching, and yet separated by a net.  Moreover, while the man is looking either at the woman or at her hat (which he seems to reach towards), the woman is looking at the flower he holds above his head.  My first impression is one of trying to come together, and yet being kept apart by something, perhaps in part due to our own interests and our preconceptions or ideas.

Yet the card is numbered 60, the first aspect of Kof, and is subtitled "Coming together and changes for the better".  It's true that they are approaching each other, even if still separated by the fine net.  And also true that they both seem to be reaching for something, seeking.  Both of these attitudes, of approach and seeking, are positives in a relationship and more generally.  At least they aren't stuck, they are trying to get closer and to find something new and better.

I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed for changes for the better.  Big Boy was so unwell yesterday he couldn't eat at all without throwing up.  Half a day on nothing but rehydration fluids seemed to do him a world of good, but we'll have to see how today goes.  As for me, a lie-in yesterday helped my sinus headache, but I'm still not feeling up to scratch.  And my Dear One is meant to be out for the afternoon, meeting a friend and going to a museum, which will make a nice change from caring for a sick boy.

I am grateful for change.


  1. Sorry to hear you and Big Boy are not well. *Hug* So far I'm not feeling the cards in this deck. Never mind, eh! :)

    1. Horses for courses, and decks for deck-lovers ;) I like the challenge of something a bit different!

      As for Big Boy, he's doing a lot better today, but we're keeping him home just in case. And I'm planning to try doing some step workouts again - seeing as they can add intensity without impact. Haven't done them for nearly a decade due to my shinsplints! Wish me luck ;)

  2. These cards are actually really thought-provoking.

    So sorry your BB is not feeling well again. :( You poor dears. :(

    I'm home with my sick little gal, too. I am also under the weather--but it's nothing too bad at the moment. Just sore throat and tired, etc.

    Lots of hugs and goodness to you,

    1. They are interesting, aren't they? :)

      Likewise very sorry to hear Pele isn't well, and you neither. Seems like you've had a sinus thing or something for a while again :( My sinuses are painful enough that I've finally caved and ordered a neti pot...

      Hugs and healing vibes to you,