Sunday, 3 March 2013


©Orna Ben-Shoshan
Today's card from the Alphabet for Lovers is a curious one.  Subtitled "Opening, healing and salvation" it is number 52, it is the first expression of the Hebrew letter Peh.

In the image a mainly naked man with his eyes covered by a striped cloth stands to one side, while a woman wearing a white dress with a red head scarf approaches him with a red shirt and boxers on hangars.  She stands under a tree, while behind him we can see a lake or seashore.

I'm not sure I'd really count a new set of clothes as being the source of salvation or healing, nor can I imagine that getting dressed counts as in any way opening yourself.  Nevertheless, there is something about the path to healing being one of balance.  This couple are at extremes - earth and water, clothed and naked, seeing and blind, giving and receiving.  If they can come together and balance one another, this could be a path to healing and salvation for them both.

The companion book also speaks of the importance of communication, which is certainly a good message if we want to open ourselves to those around us...

Well, we could certainly do with some healing, and no mistake.  Big Boy and I are both on our second illness of the last three weeks, while my Dear One isn't sure whether he's just relapsed or got something new.  This whole giving and receiving thing takes on ironic overtones when what we're sharing around are bugs :/  Still, the importance of communication is definitely relevant - we keep discussing what the best course of action is with Big Boy.  Rehydration fluids or food, medicine now or later...  Our only salvation, we have someone coming in to help for a few hours.

I am grateful for antibiotics.

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