Friday, 22 March 2013

Son of Wands

©Kim Krans
I'm glad that, to end this week with the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012), we have one of this deck's Court cards. 

Each suit has a different bird or animal for its entire Court.  Snakes for Wands, Swans for Cups, Owls for Swords, and Deer for Pentacles.  They have also been renamed Daughter, Son, Mother and Father. 

The Son of Wands, then, is a snake curling up around a branch that seems to explode like a firework at its tip.  The black branch reaches straight up, and rays of white, gold and red light shine from its dark tip.  The snake, though, seems unfazed by this light display.  He curls up from the right back side of the branch, looping around to the left, and ending up looking right.  To me, he seems brave, forward-thinking and a little showy - a good representation of the Knight of Wands :)

Well, I didn't get anything done on my dissertation protocol yesterday - though you can see this afternoon and midday tomorrow what I was up to, instead ;)  So, today I could really do with a bit of this card's energy to light a fire under me.

I am grateful for energy to get working.

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