Sunday, 10 March 2013


©Roveda & Gabriella
For this second day with the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011), we have another Major: the Hanged Man.

This is a rather unusual depiction, as we have here a man walking a tightrope between buildings, rather than suspended upside down.  It still doesn't seem like a particularly comfortable or easy place to be, and yet at least he can move under his own steam.  Nevertheless, the path he must follow is a narrow one, with no choices, and plenty of risks. 

There is still a sense of restriction, then, and also that aspect of seeing the world from a different perspective.  And we might ask what led him to this precarious position?  Is it a sacrifice willingly entered upon, or something he has been forced into by circumstances?

Circumstances today mean I shall be spending the afternoon with my mother-in-law.  Not that I see it as a huge sacrifice, though it is sometimes a tricky path to walk.  Mediating between her and Big Boy, and sometimes between her and my Dear One.  It also means I'll have less time to do my own thing.  Still, it's nice to hear her perspective on life.

I am grateful for family.


  1. Is this deck like 'The Secret'? I'm interested in knowing more about the premise behind it.

    1. I think it probably is, but I've never actually read the LWB *shame-faced* I just like it for intuitive, mainly non-traditional readings :)