Monday, 25 March 2013

TLC Houses Reading

Kindergarten & mini RWS
Having spent last week trying out readings that combined tarot and Lenormand cards in different spread positions, this week I thought I'd do something a bit different.  It's still a Tarot and Lenormand Combined (TLC) exercise, part of the preparation for my workshop at the UK Tarot Conference in October :)

A while back, Tierney Sadler started using her Deck of Lenormand Houses and combining it both with her Deck of a 1000 Spreads and with other tarot and Lenormand decks.  Though I don't yet have the Deck of Lenormand Houses, I thought I could do something similar.  Two different combinations came to mind, and I thought I'd give them both a go.

The first combines my Kindergarten Lenormand, which has easily visible titles, with the mini-Rider Waite (U.S. Games, 1971), which fits on top beautifully!  The second melds the Tarot of the Absurd (Jessica Rose Shanahan, 2012) with the mini Under the Roses Lenormand (Hurteau & Hill, 2012).  I just overlapped these, so you can still see the beautiful imagery of both :)

Mini Under the Roses & Tarot of the Absurd
I decided to read these in an unstructured way, just pulling two sets of cards and seeing what they said to me.  I got the Fool in the House of the Bouquet/Flowers and the Tower in the House of the Lady.  At first glance, I read: the gift of spontaneity will shake me out of rigid ideas!  Excellent :D

Looking a little deeper, I think that the Kindergarten/mini RWS combination will be better for playful readings, and maybe where I want to dive into bigger spreads - as they are smaller cards.  The mini Under the Roses/Tarot of the Absurd combination may work better for more challenging readings and ones where I want a greater intuitive input, as I find the Tarot of the Absurd sparks a lot more in me.

Just look at that amazing Tower!  It's labyrinthine, yet with soft lines.  And it's just a tiny bit at the top of the tower that is being knocked off by lightning.  This shakes things up, but without destroying the foundations, because they are already not as rigid as we might have feared.  If we can accept a bit of absurdity, we're better equipped to deal with change...


  1. the under roses/absurd combo is great! very expressive message :]

    1. It is, isn't it? I'm looking forward to doing some more readings with them :)