Saturday, 30 March 2013

Weighing Up

©Betty Lopez & Napo
This week's deck is the Napo Tarot (US Games, 1998).  With interesting blocky watercolour illustrations and Golden Dawn-based keywords in English and Spanish, it's traditional without being dull.

For today, we have the Two of Pentacles, with the title Change.  Front and centre is a man dressed in a mottled light brown shirt and matching boots, with darker brown ballooned trousers, a blue neckerchief, a brown hat, and a red cape.  He holds a large, golden pentacle in each hand, with geometric sun patterns on them.  As though magnetically connected, light shines from each pentacle towards its neighbour, forming a straight-lined version of the traditional lemniscate. The man stands on brown earth, with sea just behind him, and a divided sky: darker to the right, where the pentacle is held high.  His gaze goes up towards that pentacle, with a rather assessing look.

His clothes are neat and matching, yet muddied.  That, the keyword and his assessing look speak to me of having to cautiously weigh up options in the face of changing circumstances.

It's not the first time, recently, that the Two of Pents has come up for me.  As I said on Thursday, I need to do some prioritising, maybe make some tough choices to not do things which inspire me in favour of things I need to do.  I'm used to those choices when it comes to work, but less so in the area of tarot and Lenormand.  I guess this is part of the price I pay for starting to turn my passion into a commercial venture.

I am grateful for the chance to do things I'm passionate about, even if I have to choose between them.


  1. He almost seems suspicious of that higher pentacle. :D Maybe he is a salesman traveling door to door?

    1. Distrustful of what he had to/will have to do to earn it?

    2. Mebbe. It is also interesting to note that his left foot is back while his right one is forward.

    3. How would you interpret that? That he's been wrong-footed by the changes?