Monday, 1 April 2013

A Change Would Do Me Good

©Betty Sanchez & Napo
On this Easter Monday, we have an interesting twist on a biblical allegory from the Napo Tarot (US Games, 1998).

In traditional images we see an angel, often identified as the Archangel Gabriel, blowing a horn above coffins from which rise a man, woman and child.  (For more on which angel is associated with which tarot card, check out this post from Christiane at Cosmic Faery's Tarot, and for an in-depth look at Archangel Gabriel, why not check out these insights from Lisa at Seer Pathways.) 

Here, though, we have a grey-haired man and woman, and what I take to be a bald man, all rising from a single hole in the ground.  The woman, at least, seems to be wrapped in bandages; perhaps the way corpses were prepared thousands of years ago, at the time of Christ.  It could still be a family grouping, but is less obviously so.  It suggests rising up, but after a long life, with much wisdom accrued.

I also really like the angelic figure.  It illuminates the figures below, while seeming to emerge from a space/time rift.  It also holds a trumpet, calling the people's spirits up, and has small wings.  They seem magical rather than physical, though as with the bumblebee, perhaps these are small but amazingly effective wings...  I notice, too, the bubbles that seem to emerge from the same place as the angel, floating off into the sky.

Altogether, this image has a feeling of wisdom, and of moving up to a new level, changing the way we see things entirely.  If we pass through a space/time rift, what would we find on the other side?  Angels or aliens, our future selves or something else entirely?  This card gives me a feeling of wonder and possibility...

Over the weekend, I heard a call, a push to change.  I'm hoping today I'll have some time to put that into practice.  It was to do with the Celtic Lenormand.  Firstly, I have been inspired to change the format of the card descriptions quite considerably, and have already re-written three of them.  Secondly, I feel the push to make sure I do at least a card a day.  Will Worthington says he'll have the artwork finished earlier than scheduled, hopefully by the start of May.  So, I'd like to get the book done by then, too!  I figure, one card at a time the job won't seem to big.  Finally, reading over what I'd already written I saw where I still need to do some more research, so time to get on it!  Hopefully, a little music will help inspire me: Sheryl Crow's A Change Would Do You Good :)

I am grateful for the call to take things in a new direction.


  1. I'm looking forward to the Celtic Lenormand. :D With your voice, I think the book will be the kicker for me. :D

    1. You're sweet to say it, Arwen! I know for many readers LWB's are things to be shoved in a cupboard and ignored (often my own approach). Still, I'll know that these beautiful cards wouldn't exist without me. And some people will hopefully enjoy the book, too :D