Thursday, 18 April 2013

Another Helper

Today's card from the Mibramig Magical Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) is another Court card, this time from the suit of Cups.

In this deck, Cups are associated with dogs, which makes a certain kind of sense.  Dogs are linked with loyalty and friendship, with lasting relationships, which rather suits the Cups cards.  And if I had to hazard I guess, I'd say he was a Saint Bernard.  However, as I have amply shown over the last few days, my recognition of various species of animals leaves a lot to be desired! 

Our King of Cups sits on what must be the tiniest island in the world to house a throne.  Actually, I really like his throne with its asymmetry and the fan-tailed fish on the top corners.  His red and gold crown is also rather asymmetrical, or perhaps just precariously perched on his head.  And his face is far more expressive than most we've seen this week, with a certain mournfulness to it.  Despite that, his gaze is quite direct.  So, he understands sadness, but is still willing to face the world, willing to come to the rescue of those who are lost.

He is surrounded by the ocean, and his throne, too, is blue.  Yet he stays distant from the water, not getting even a little wet.  And his crown is a fiery red, as is his cape, connecting him with the Fire of Water attributed to him in many elemental systems.  He is, it would seem, someone with his emotions kept at a distance, yet with a great deal of passion to him.  Perhaps he's afraid of the explosion if he let his emotions have free rein.  Instead, he tries to help others without getting emotionally involved.

It's interesting to draw a King of Cups card that I rather like.  Last week, Alison over at This Game of Thrones looked at the question of what card we pull most often.  Checking my blog stats, it was the King of Cups who pipped the Knight of Wands at the post.  As regular readers know, if we look at Majors, it's the Tower.  I looked at the Minors, too, and it was the Eight of Swords, just one above the Three of Swords - golly, what a cheerful bunch - NOT!

Anyway...  The King of Cups isn't usually my favourite character, nor anywhere near!  However, I do like this version, with his soulful eyes and his offer of help through emotionally-trying times.  I guess, in his most positive aspect, I see this King as being a good counsellor - able to help steer people through emotional minefields, while keeping his perspective.  And today I'm seeing two different counsellors, so that certainly fits...

I am grateful for emotional support and guidance, from different sources.

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