Saturday, 6 April 2013


©Emily Carding
This week, I decided to use a rather different deck for a change: the Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog (Schiffer, 2012), by the multi-talented and wise Emily Carding.

For our first card, we have 'Beg'.  While the word seems pejorative, what the image conjures for me is the willingness to ask for what we want.  The dog uses whatever communicative abilities are in his repertoire to get the message across.  And he also knows that asking nicely gets you more than being grumpy about it :D  So we get the big, brown eyes, floppy ears and goofy grin as Albus Dumbledog presents us with his request. 

Another thing this reminds me of is the fact that dogs actually know what they want.  I have to admit, I'm so often in two, three or four minds about something, I wouldn't know what to ask for!

Emily describes this card rather differently.  She says: "we might ask ourselves whether we are being similarly undignified in our pursuit of our desires, and whether or not it's worth it."

I'll stick with my perspective, for today.  My mother always told me: "If you don't ask, you don't get!"  Still, this remains a tough one for me.  As well as often being unsure what I want, even when I figure it out there are always the thoughts:  "I know they want X, and that's in conflict with what I want, so better just not to ask."  "How embarrassing, they'll think me needy/clingy/stupid." Really, though, what it often comes down to is:  "I don't really deserve it."

What would it be like, though, to just say, "This is what I'd like"?  Okay, today I will try to express myself clearly and without shame.

I am grateful for the reminder that the worst that can happen is someone will say no.


  1. I like dogs but I don't see the appeal of this deck. To me it is a collection of snapshots of someone's pet. I mean, one of the most annoying things about Facebook (left it a long time ago, thankfully) was all the pictures of cats and dogs. Never could understand why people felt compelled to share daily snaps of Whiskers and Spike. I mean I can see how one could use this deck...I guess I would like it better if there were different dogs or something. Maybe some artwork here and there, to mix it up a bit. I don't know.

    Be sure and tell 'em what you want today! :D

    1. For me, the biggest appeal is the companion book, which is funny and wise. I'm a big fan of Emily Carding :) And having had dogs in the past, I get the idea of them seeing life in a simpler, more "in-the-moment" way. So yes, the images are just photos of a family pet, though I think the photography is of a far higher standard than the word snapshot implies! Still, the thought behind them is far more than simply "isn't my pet cute".

      Maybe you'll be won over as the week progresses, or maybe this just isn't a deck for you, it's all good :)

  2. great card, great post. I haven't seen this deck yet so look forward to the images shared on your blog. Sharyn/AJ

    1. Hi Sharyn, I find there's a homey feel to these cards, while still having plenty of depth and room for intuition. Will be glad to hear what you make of them as you see more :)