Friday, 5 April 2013

Da Boss!

©Betty Sanchez & Napo
For our last day with the Napo Tarot (US Games, 1998), we have yet another Court card: the King of Swords.

He gazes out directly at us, his green eyes strangely piercing yet calm.  He holds a very short sword (once again, more of a dagger, really) in his right hand, tilted at an angle.  He's not too worried about absolute truth, but more about how he can use what he knows, how he can communicate in a way that gets what he wants done.  His hat is a combination of blue and purple - the ability to think wisely and communicate clearly.  Yet his jacket is a more pinkish purple, suggesting that there is loving emotion in there.  However, he processes it and doesn't express it until he has found what seems to him the wisest path.

I am intrigued by the white cloth with the dragonfly on it.  Is it a cravat?  Or perhaps a kerchief hanging from his left hand...  It adds a touch of purity and of lightness.  At his core, his motives are good, even if he does end up doing things his way, no matter what.

Hmm, I could do with some clarity today.  There's a conversation I want to have with my Dear One, yet I'm not sure where to start.  This card tells me, start from a place of love, and things will fall into place from there.  Let's hope so!

I am grateful for some clarity.


  1. I've just found your blog and hadn't seen this deck before - lovely! Such boldness in the artwork, yet clearly not lacking in subtlety for readings. Thanks for the intro.

    1. Hi Erina, glad you found the blog, and like the deck. I love enabling... er, introducing people to decks ;)

  2. I see that connection between the scarf and blade again as in the Knight (or was that the Page?) Dragonfly are protectors. I have a page on my old site (I actually use which is the genus of the dragonfly) that goes into some lore I gathered on this insect. I have one tattooed on my arm as well.

    1. Ooh, Arwen, hadn't seen that before - lovely! I guess you moved on, though, which is just the way life is. I couldn't sign your anisoptera guestbook, as it doesn't seem to be live any more. Haven't yet found the dragonfly lore, but I'll keep looking :)

  3. Wow! An unusual card for the King of Swords. Does seem rather mob-like, but more flowery. Hehee.

    I wish you luck with your conversation. I hope it goes really well and that positive things come of it.

    Sorry about your stressful time with BB being so sick and everything else you have to contend with!!

    Much Love,

    1. A flowery mobster, what an idea ;D

      The conversation went better than expected, though I do wonder whether some of it sank in this time (sure didn't last time)... Anyhow, communication is an on-going process, right?

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear MM!