Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dinner Date

By Moore, Pastorello & Ariganello
Now, this is an unusual depiction of Temperance from the Book of Shadows Tarot: So Below (Lo Scarabeo, 2013)!

It's hard to imagine anything farther from an angel pouring fluid from one cup into another while standing with one foot on land and the other in water.  Instead, a couple sit together at a table, the woman pouring some wine into the man's glass.  On the table before them, as well as the wine, are a bowl of salad, a dish of olives and a small bowl of some kind of sauce, and two plates of cake to finish it all off. 

At first glance, this looks nothing like what we might expect of Temperance.  And yet, a salad, some cake and a little wine actually sounds like the perfect balance of ingredients for a lovely, romantic dinner.  Temperance isn't about absolute abstinence, but rather about finding a healthy equilibrium.  And in life, that definitely includes simple pleasures like enjoying good food with someone you love.

As for me, I guess the right mix today will include some time napping, a bit of exercise, chanting with Deva Premal and Miten, and then family time with Big Boy, my Dear One and his mum.

I am grateful for a Sunday with my loved ones.


  1. I wrote a reply with a colour breakdown but then pressed the wrong button, not rewriting but love the card, loved your gratitude statement. ^_^

    1. What a shame, Helen, I always enjoy your insights. As for the colours, it's interesting that there is no red or blue in a card that normally features both. Instead, I see purple for wisdom, and yellow for enlightenment, and orange which has a warm, grounded feel.

      Wishing you a beautiful Sunday filled with love!

  2. I like the lighting in this card, the way their faces are lit by the candle and how it bathes their clothing and skin. That must be one heck of a candle! I agree with you, it's an interesting look at Temperance, and I guess it's in keeping with the deck that it's a very practical interpretation. :)

    1. Yes, I'm impressed with how well-thought-out the images are. Less obviously archetypal, yet still expressing that energy in a day-to-day way :)