Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Today we meet a character from the suit of Wands in the Mibramig Magical Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).

I'm not even going to hazard a guess at what kind of horned creature this is.  I'll call it an elk for ease of reference, and if anyone has a better idea, please leave a comment :D

Our elk stands on the battlements of a castle.  He has a view out across the sea, mountains, and some dainty towers.  He holds a blue ball in his right hand, which echoes the colour of his horns, and a wooden wand in his left.  Another wand is held in a fastening attached to the wall.  I am struck by how low down he holds the wand, it looks like it must surely topple.  Perhaps not, though, as he seems to rest it on the wall at his side.  He wears a bright green cape, a yellow blouson which stands up very high at the back, and a bright red hat. 

Although he stands calmly looking outwards, I still get a sense of leashed energy from him.  His colours are so bright compared to his surroundings, and then there's that unbalanced wand in his hand.  It seems like he must surely move at any moment, caught in suspended animation, but about to return to real-time.  And when he does, he'll have to choose: stay in the castle with its fixed patterns, or move out into the less certain world outside?  I think, the wand holds the answer: he has built on the security of the castle, but is now ready to follow his gaze out into the wider world.

Big Boy didn't go to school yesterday, after all, as he's now ill for the fifth time in two months :(  In this card, I see myself looking out at the world I'd like to be a part of, but blocked by my commitments.  Sometimes I feel so restricted, tied to the house and a child who is never truly well.  There are so many things I'd love to go out and do, then my energy gets sucked away into worry and care.  Still, I know that I have things much easier than some people - at least taking care of him isn't my full-time job.  At least I get to do some of those things, even if I can't focus on them in the way I would choose.

I am grateful for the support around me in caring for my son. 


  1. *Hug*

    Remember we all of us look out on the world at times and wish for freedom to do or be something more, or something else.

    And your energy, as you know, astonishes me.

    *Another hug*

    1. It's true, Carla. Thanks for the *hugs* and for being the voice of reason, a vision of the big picture. Sometimes I think my Dear One and I suck each other down, each dealing with the problem in different ways which perhaps make it worse for the other. And once we're both truly down, then escape seems such a tempting option :( Ah well, I've had a nap now and feel a bit better - thanks for putting up with my whingeing ;)

  2. Oh, Chloë!

    I feel awful for you and your DO in having to deal with yet another sickness for BB. ACKKKKK! I wish I could whisk you away from all of this for a good month or three.

    Sending healing wishes for BB, and sanity for you...


    1. Hmm, sanity, what an interesting concept ;) And if we're in the whisking business, I imagine you wouldn't mind being whisked away to a tropical paradise for a bit, either :D

      Sending love and healing to you, too,

  3. Sending my thoughts too.

    The thing that amazes me though is that despite difficulties, you still manage to do more than so many people I am aware of. Maybe you have to hold on to that wand to keep you still for a bit, sure to not let it topple.

    Glad you are feeling better after your nap.

    Another strange old card from this deck. The creatures are quite odd, aren't they!

    1. Hi PLN,

      Yep, they're definitely a weird bunch. And the LWB gives no clue at all about what they're meant to be. Still, I rather like weird ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes, and good luck with your projects, too!