Saturday, 13 April 2013

Happy Squirrel!

This week's deck is the recently released Mibramig Magical Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).  It's a very RWS-based deck, but with some wonderful twists.  And the addition of a Happy Squirrel card, which was the first one I pulled!

I've always loved decks with Happy Squirrel cards, being a big Simpson's fan :D  Though I often find it hard to associate them with an experienced fortune-teller gasping in shock and then backpedalling by saying "The cards are vague and mysterious."  On the negative side, I guess if that squirrel is so happy about having all those nuts, maybe someone else doesn't have any!  And certainly some people see squirrels as vermin, though I think them quite wonderful.  After all, what counts as "vermin", like "weeds", is very much a matter of human perception.

Generally, though, I get a positive vibe from this card in most decks, and the Mibramig version is no exception.  A happy looking squirrel stands holding a big nut, with a whole cache of them in front of her.  Yellow butterflies dance around her head like ribbons in her hair, and she looks up at us shyly.  To me, she seems more delighted than gloating, with maybe a bit of inquisitiveness thrown in for good measure.

This is, for me, a card of having worked for something and being happy with what you've achieved.  A card of making the most of what you find, because you stay open to the possibilities of the world.

Not quite sure what I'll achieve today.  Not much in the way of work, I imagine, as we are going to a "superheroes" birthday party with Big Boy.  What I hope to achieve in that regard is to actually get him to wear the costume we bought him.  Knowing what he's like with new things, I've had him try it on the last three days in a row - exposure therapy :D  Maybe I should have started it earlier, though :o  Seems like this is the Happy Squirrel of Doom, and others will have well-behaved kids who wear their costumes...  Wish me luck!

I am grateful not to be going to this party alone.


  1. Aww, I hope he enjoys the party. Which superhero is he going as?

    I was looking at a shrinkwrapped pack of this deck in London recently but hadn't seem enough samples. I was wondering if it was their version of the Deviant Moon from the little I could see of it. I'll be interested to see how it looks on your blog this week. I know nothing about it.

    Good luck with the party!

    1. Hiya PLN,

      Well, he was the only child not in a superhero costume! He had a Thor costume, which I chose in large part because it didn't have a face mask or headgear, knowing there's no way he'd wear something like that. Still, he was totally not having it: he's a Cappie, and stubborn as all get out! Other than that, though, he did enjoy the party (and we did, too) :D

      As for the deck, I wouldn't say I see any similarities to the Deviant Moon. More like the Tarot of the Magical Forest, except this one is a bit kookier ;) I like it, will look forward to hearing what you think by the end of the week!

  2. Squirrels abound! (See today's post by Neopagan Priestess: .)Good luck with that superhero party! You need to dress as Super Mom!

    1. Hi Zanna,
      Dunno about Super Mom. Maybe more Super Snot Wiper, as that was a large part of my party role ;)

      Thanks for the link. Funny to see Kerry over at Neopagan posting about squirrels, too :D

  3. I think I saw a couple of cards that reminded me of the Chariot in the Deviant Moon, but I can see how it is reminiscent of the Magical Forrest. They might work nicely together.

    Aww, I am glad he had a good time, suit or no suit :)

    1. :)

      Hmm, guess I can see what you mean about the Deviant Moon Chariot. Overall, though, I think this deck is more cute and less spooky. I love the Deviant Moon, but I have at least one friend who says she doesn't even like to be in the same room as it :o