Thursday, 11 April 2013


©Emily Carding
Today's card from the Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog (Schiffer, 2012) is definitely a "squeee!" card :D

An extremely cute puppy gazes up at us from a grassy garden, all soft fur, floppy ears, wet nose and big eyes.  Other than the "aahh" factor, I notice he also makes me feel rather protective.  He looks like he could get himself in plenty of trouble, happily jumping into whatever comes his way.  So, a bit of Fool energy here :)

And then, my mind goes to the house training, and other discipline it takes to turn a puppy into a delightful member of the family, and the "aahh" factor takes a back seat.

Let's see what Emily has to say about him...  First there are some comments about eating trainers and hopefully not making the same mistakes twice ;D  Then she says, "we can continue to learn and grow in our understanding so much more if we can keep the wonder-filled eyes of a child."  So, definitely Fool energy!

Despite Emily's words of wisdom, I return to my thoughts on dog poop around the house, and desperate treat box shaking in the park.  Probably because there are a fair few similarities between training a puppy and educating a child.  Yesterday's visit reminded me that normal kids can also be messy and bring heartache.  Though breadcrumbs on the floor doesn't quite compete with regular muccousy vomiting.  Okay, that's probably TMI, but with Big Boy's reflux issues and constant colds, that's something we face several times a day, and often at night, pretty much year round.  Definitely approaching puppy poop proportions :D  And yet, he also has that sweet innocence of the cute puppy, and a delightful way of wagging his finger when he knows he's been naughty.

I am grateful for the innocent laughter of my beautiful boy.

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