Monday, 22 April 2013

Lennie Week 6 - Britta's Lenormand

We're really moving around the globe this week.  Saturday's deck was from Australia, Sunday's from the USA, and today's deck is another offering from Germany.  This is the Britta Lenormand, from Britta Kienle.  Britta also has a number of books teaching her version of the Lenormand system in German, and offers a compact ebook in English.  Her system is somewhat different to many others, especially as regards timing.  Still, you don't need to follow her system to use these pretty cards if you don't want to.
Britta's Lenormand
Riffing on today's cards (Whips, Child, Key) gives me:

Childish arguments lock the way forward.
A new exercise regime is key to success.
Sincere arguments are successful.
Arguments are caused by significant naivety.
Discussions about a child bring a breakthrough.

As I said yesterday, I don't think I really need a new exercise regime as I've been changing things up quite a bit lately, anyway.  And enjoying the process!  I used to do lots of step classes, but stopped because of chronic shinsplints.  Now, I've found some low impact DVD's which are a lot of fun, and certainly get me sweating and out of breath, too :)

Therefore, I'll go with the last sentence and try to find a way to have productive discussions about Big Boy today. 

I am grateful for diplomacy when talking to people about my son.


  1. I love all the decks i discover through your blog.

    and good luck with the productive talking :]

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      Glad you enjoy discovering decks here, it gives me a bit more of an excuse for my somewhat out-of-control collection ;)

      And we went to the doctor with Big Boy, who now seems a fair bit better *crosses fingers tightly*