Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lennie Week 6 - Vintage Lenormand

Once again, it's time for a Lennie week :)  This time round we'll explore seven interesting self-published Lenormand decks, and ways to use them.  We start off with a lovely offering from Australia, the Vintage Lenormand by Jera-Babylon Rootweaver (2013).

Vintage Lenormand
For this line of three we have: Heart, Rider, Garden.

Messages of love in a public place.
Information around emotions brings a sense of community.
An athletic and emotional young man brings notoriety.
Emotions move into the public eye.

It has been quite a week for public emotion, with the events in Boston.  And that is certainly one interpretation of these cards - public emotion about news received.  It's amazing and up-lifting to see how our global community is an emotional and supportive place as well as one of commerce and information.

Another possible interpretation of these cards is bringing information we are passionate about to a public forum.  In that light, I will mention that if you are interested in learning how to read with Lenormand cards, I am running a workshop on the subject in London on 11th May :)

As for me, my Dear One and I have a date night tonight, which is definitely what I see in this.  Although he may not count as precisely young (a characteristic often attributed to the Rider), we are both fairly athletic.  And, hopefully after some loving athleticism, we'll be going out for a nice dinner ;)

I am grateful for a night out with the man I love.


  1. Three cheers for 'loving athleticism' !!!

    And yes. It is very depressing about Boston. Ugh. I am getting really sad about being human. It's always been a bittersweet thing, but man. It's hard to see these things happening. I can't even remotely imagine how horrible it must be for those with friends and family who have died.

    Sending out good wishes for your date and also for humanity in general.


    1. The Boston tragedy is just that, a tragedy. Yet, I see the positive in the way the world has come together to support the victims, emotionally and financially. For example, Monica Knighton, the creator of the Stolen Child Tarot, put a copy of her Majors only deck up for auction to raise money for the Boston Red Cross, and has now also donated 10 prints as well. There are a few left, if anyone's interested:

      So, there is also love and support and healing in the world :)


  2. Loving athleticism!

    Me, I'm off to work on a Saturday. Joy. Hope you have a more fun today than I will. :)

    1. That sucks for you, I'm sorry. Maybe, though, you'll bring a message or piece of information to someone at the library that will lighten their heart... *pollyanna face*

    2. Oh dear that brought out my QoS gag reflex! ;)

    3. Well, I guess the other option would be to go ballistic in the library - menopausal emotions charging out of control. That'd probably be covered by these cards, too ;) I'm guessing that didn't happen, either... *slightly wishful face*

    4. No, that happened when I got home! Only it was a grumpy half-hearted 46-year-old's version of a tantrum. Nothing was thrown across the room like in the good old PMS days. I just said a few bitter things about being in a bad mood and complained bitterly about the great divide between the haves and the have-nots in the world. ('Big Picture' issues over which you have no control at all seem to dominate my mind in these moods.)

      I think I'm better today, though. :D

    5. Well, I hope being back at work hasn't twisted you up again. I guess working in the week is what you expect, so you don't get so frustrated by it... *hugs*