Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lennie Week 6 - Water Color Lenormand

Today's deck is a very recent release from Sue Senden, and a rather lovely one.  Using simple images, the Water Color Lenormand (2013) is mainly traditional, though it does have two Lord and Lady cards.

I tend to leave extra cards in when I shuffle and read.  And so, for today's draw we have Lady, Ship and Lady!  The people cards are some of the few in Lenormand where many readers may pay attention to the direction of gaze of the character portrayed.  I was struck by it in this reading, each Lady looks away from the Ship.

A business venture helps a woman get over the past and look to the future again.
Use your intuition to overcome nostalgia.
A holiday brings a change of perspective.
Two women travel from different directions.

Funny, I'm hoping it's the end of a holiday that will bring a new point of view into my life. Fingers crossed Big Boy will finally go back to school today! 

The mention of two women and holidays is also interesting, as today I'll meet Pepi Valderrama, creator of the Mystique d'Epoque, Alice in Wonderland and Crochet Lenormands.  She's visiting the UK from Spain, and we plan to trawl round central London's esoteric shops together - really looking forward to it.

I am grateful for the chance to broaden my circle of friends.


  1. "...we plan to trawl round central London's esoteric shops together..."

    Sounds wonderful! Wish I could join you!!!

    1. If you do ever come to London, Zanna, I'd love to meet up and show you our esoteric offerings! :D We had a lovely time, it was wonderful to finally meet in person, and to talk and browse and laugh :)