Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lennie Week 6 - Waterlilies Lenormand

This is a wonderful deck for anyone who likes 19th century art and impressionism. The cards were created by Catherine Brown, and it's a lovely deck to have achieved from public domain images.  I'm not quite sure what is going on with it at the moment, though.  It was first available via The GameCrafter.  Then Catherine sold it on her A Historical Retrospective site, and then moved to indieoracles.com, which is currently unavailable :(
©Waterlilies Lenormand
Combining Moon, Scythe, and Storks, I got:

An emotional ending brings changes.
A cutting reputation means you have to move.
An emotional break due to a pregnancy.

Some people feel that the Storks on their own are not enough to suggest a pregnancy.  However, in smaller spreads where you don't have that many cards to confirm or deny an interpretation, it is a possibility, and one I've seen come up in readings.

In terms of the emotional shock interpretation, these cards make me think about the different ways that people respond to difficult emotions. Some adapt more easily, others go into denial, some express anger.  My Dear One and I tend to respond in rather clashing ways - he often acts out angrily, which just upsets me even more.  I try to bring patience and empathy to emotional situations, but sometimes am quite churned up on the inside. 

I sure hope there won't be any more unpleasant emotional shocks this week!  Yesterday was quite bad, with the GP prescribing Big Boy antibiotics, and then us having a minor medical emergency that meant we couldn't give him any medicine for an hour, though we had 5 lined up :(

I am grateful for a dramatic change to more peaceful emotions.


  1. Sorry to hear about yesterday's troubles. Hope today goes better. x

    1. So far it's looking good, his temperature is finally down, and he's coughing less. Fingers crossed he improves and can finally go to school. He's been off for holidays or illness for over six of the last nine weeks!

  2. Yikes! You poorest dear. :( I keep hoping to run across the post where you say everything is sunshine and rainbows. I guess that doesn't necessarily happen for anyone (not indefinitely, anyway)...but I do hope BB's health improves dramatically.

    I keep wondering, with all of his doses of antibiotics, if a nice high-potency probiotic to repopulate his gut (and help his immunity) might be good. I've found it helpful to me and Pele for certain infections. There's a brand we use 'Klaire Labs'...they make both a powder and a capsule (Therbiotic Complete). If he takes liquids in any form you can mix the powdered version into it. Just a suggestion based on the many wonderful things I've been researching on probiotics. But obviously no pressure to do it. I know his case is complicated. You can even get high potency probiotics by subscription. My brother-in-law got some for his Chrohn's Disease and my sister has also used them to very good effect. Anyway...just an idea. Sorry for rambling.


  3. Oops...typos. I meant 'Crohn's disease' and 'prescription'. Not subscription. I hate that you can't edit comments made on blogs. Haha!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, MM. We always do give him a round of probiotics after the antibiotics, as I'm a great believer in that, too :) As we said before, colds and such seem to be dragging on this year, and I spoke with someone today who suggested it might be because we've had such a long, cold, grey winter, at least here in the UK. Today was beautifully sunny, though, so maybe stuff will start to clear up. Fingers crossed!

      Lotsa hugs,

    2. I'm glad to hear that you do that! From my experience it can take a pretty hefty, prolonged dose to re-populate, so the higher doses (above 100 billion CFU's--the prescription ones are 400-500billion) with a variety of flora, are the best to try! I take them every day. There are some fascinating studies out about probiotics. They are calling it a 'second brain'...anyway. Rambling again.

      Good luck and I do hope the weather warms up and everyone is healthier.


    3. Thanks, MM. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and Big Boy went back to school finally, so it's all good so far ;)