Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nine Square TLC'd

As I said last week, the concept of reading tarot cards in Lenormand houses can also be applied in larger spreads and particularly in traditional Lenormand spreads.  Today, then, I have a Nine Square combining my Kindergarten Lenormand with the mini-Rider Waite (U.S. Games, 1971).  I asked: "What should I know about running an advanced half-day workshop expanding the material I have for the UK Tarot Conference?"

Kindergarten Lenormand & mini Rider Waite
Reading the corners for the theme of the spread, I see an opportunity to overcome a certain stuckness (5 of Cups/Clover), so long as I accept that moving towards harmony and happiness is a long and winding path (10 of Cups/Snake).  I think this is about not expecting everyone to embrace new ways of seeing and using Lenormand cards, which would be the focus of this workshop.  Spreading the word of new ways of working with this system (3 of Pents/Rider) may take a while, but is worth persevering with as a way of understanding the cards (Knight of Pents/Key).

As for the centre of the reading, seeking a new path requires letting go of old ideas and ways of doing things (8 of Cups/Coffin).  Running an advanced workshop may help to change feelings of defensiveness (7 of Wands/Storks) and uncertainty about whether people can work this way (Moon/Anchor).  Still, those skills can take a while to acquire and bring to fruition (7 of Pents/Fox).  The biggest obstacle seems to be whether people will be willing to suspend their way of seeing things (Hanged Man/Mountain), so I will have to wait til the time is right.

Knighting adds to the picture.  It suggests that some of the uncertainty about how this all works (Moon/Anchor) comes because people may feel like they are betraying their beloved (10 of Cups/Snake) be that tarot or Lenormand, or just following the traditional system of either/both.  In comparison, this new understanding may seem very far off and hard work (Knight of Pents/Key).  They may also wonder whether it's worth learning a new way of working with these combined systems (3 of Pents/Rider) for what may turn out to be something that's just too much work (7 of Pents/Fox), and which will only bring a little happiness, while seeming to lose something from the past (5 of Cups/Clover).

While having to change perspective is definitely an obstacle (Hanged Man/Mountain), an opportunity to move forward (5 of Cups/Clover), though slow and winding, holds great potential for a sense of fulfillment (10 of Cups/Snake).  So I do see the defensiveness changing (7 of Wands/Storks), once people actually get the information and start trying these systems out (3 of Pents/Rider), and see what new doors may slowly open before them (Knight of Pents/Key). 

Overall, the sense I get from this reading is a positive one.  There may be a need to wait a while - perhaps in part because there are still many people who don't feel confident with the basics of the Lenormand system, so they won't be ready to move onto these more complicated ideas.  This way of experimenting also asks people to let go of certainty and allow in change, which isn't always easy to do.  Still, slow and steady wins the race and there is a lot of potential in this.

I don't think I'll be scheduling an advanced workshop for a few months, then, perhaps not til after the UK Tarot Conference, and after I've run a couple more of the basic workshops.  I look forward to when the opportunity  present itself...


  1. Excellent interpretation of the reading...impressed!

    I do hope it ends up going well and you go on to teach the advanced class and have a great time!

    I admire anyone willing to come up with a plan and teach something. Takes some guts!


    1. Funny, I don't see it taking guts to teach something, unless you're in an inner city school or something ;) I love teaching, and the thing that stops me doing it more is that I have to organise and market these workshops myself - that's the bit that takes guts for me :D


  2. There will no doubt be takers for your advanced workshop. I think you should definitely work one up to have in your arsenal, should the occasion arise when you can use it. You know -- teachers always have a lesson plan in their filing cabinet somewhere!

    1. Hi Carla,

      I have already worked one up, it just needs 3 or 4 more illustrations and it's done :) For me, the bit that's harder is the marketing and venue organisation...


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Cher. I'm still trying to figure out how to present Lenormand readings - I don't really like having a great chunk of text, but it's hard to post cards beside bits, as they are always read in combinations... Any thoughts would be welcome :)