Sunday, 14 April 2013

Planet of the Apes - Mibramig-Style

Today we have the Mibramig Magical Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) version of the Four of Swords.  Each suit in this deck portrays a different "family" of creatures.  Wands are horned mammals, Cups are dogs, Swords are apes, and Pentacles are birds.  It's a pretty weird system, without any clear connection to traditional tarot associations to the elements, for instance.  Still, I like this Swords association to what buddhists call the Monkey Mind ;)

As you may have noticed already, all the characters in this deck have large, animal heads and small anthropomorphic bodies.  And on this Four of Swords we have what looks like a character from the Planet of the Apes.  He is lying on a stone plinth in a church, under a red and orange stained-glass window portraying further ape-like creatures.  He wears golden armour and lies with closed eyes and hands held as though in prayer.

This card is a beautiful reminder of the need to withdraw and calm our Monkey Mind, allowing serenity in.  Whether as respite from the battles already waged or in preparation for those still to come, finding that inner harmony is extremely valuable. 

Today, the weather is supposed to be beautifully warm, after a long, hard winter.  So, maybe a meditative walk on the Heath is called for :)  Or some more Zentangling...

I am grateful for some time to be quiet.


  1. Some of the creatures are strange, aren't they? I saw some cards elsewhere.

    This is a nicely done card, but I have a real aversion to the Planet of the Apes. I couldn't watch it recently when it was on. They always make me feel a bit unwell. Will be interested to see other Sword cards if you pull any.

    Hope you have a lovely walk. It's not looking so warm where I am :(

    1. I think it fair to say all the creatures are quite strange - big animal heads and small human bodies...

      The Planet of the Apes Prequel they brought out last year was pretty emotive, too!

      Hope the weather warmed up over your way, it was gorgeous here :)