Sunday, 7 April 2013


©Emily Carding
Oh, what a joyous card this is from the Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog (Schiffer, 2012).

A golden-haired dog (Albus Dumbledog) runs full pelt through small puddles of shallow water on a beach.  Behind him is deeper water, and a rocky landscape in the distance.  Here, though, there is nothing but sand and water and the act of running.  There is such a sense of freedom here, as well as the simple enjoyment of moving!

Of course, we complicated humans might ask what he runs to, or from, or why he runs at all.  My sense, though, is that he runs because it feels good and exciting and reminds him he's alive.  He feels a little like the Knight of Wands to me, perhaps just because that card has been coming up for me quite a bit, lately.

This time, my intuitive reading of the card matches Emily's take on it.  She writes: "Put your plans into action, launch yourself forward into a better future, or simply run for the sheer joy of it." :)

One thing I see in this is a reminder to do some exercise, which I love.  The only reason I'd even need a reminder is that I'll have to workout later in the day than I normally do.  And that's because we're going to a show with Big Boy today: CBeebies Live at Wembley Stadium.  It scares me a little; the journey there, coping with the crowds, and what Big Boy will make of it all.  They didn't have seating for three together in the disabled section, though the guy on the phone sorted me out tickets on an aisle and with just eight steps up, so we should be okay.  Still, if Big Boy has a meltdown we'll probably leave early.  Or maybe there will be so much else going on that no-one will notice...  I may need the joy of exercise to clear my head after all that!

I am grateful to be able to move with joy.


  1. Best wishes for a pleasant outing. :)

    1. Thanks! When I feel optimistic I think it'll be a breeze, other times I'm not so sure. The last time we did a family outing to a public place, less than two months ago, BB had a total meltdown. And we've never yet made it through a film at the cinema as a family, either. Ah well, we'll see...

  2. Hope it went reasonably well! I absolutely understand the nerviness. Sending peaceful outing vibes.

    Much Love,

    1. Hi MM,

      Actually, it went surprisingly well. He was more interested in the other kids than the show, but I figure so long as he's having fun we'll count it as a win ;)

      Much love,