Saturday, 27 April 2013

Samhain Feast

By Moore, Pastorello & Ariganello
This week's deck is the second volume of Barbara Moore's Book of Shadows: So Below (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).  The first volume, As Above, was extremely non-traditional, looking at the Wheel of the Year, astrology, Gods and Goddesses, forms of divination and more.  This second volume is the mundane side of pagan life and more RWS-based, though still very far from being a clone!

We can see this straight away in today's card, the Four of Wands.  Traditionally, this card is associated with some kind of outdoor celebration, and with creating a good foundation for the future.  Instead of a wedding feast, though, here we see people setting up for a Samhain feast, which celebrates the Wiccan New Year: a time for thinking about the year to come.

One element which is common to both decks in this Book of Shadows series is the elemental creatures associated with each suit being found in its cards.  So, here we can see a black cat playfully batting at a salamander on the  bench, as well as another on one of the pumpkins to the left, and two more on the table.

This card, then, seems to suggest a degree of planning and preparation, but also taking time to celebrate life.

There are several things I feel I should be preparing for: getting things set up so that when things start moving I'll be able to just flow with them rather than try to catch up.  Some of it is web stuff, some to do with other projects, and some for my day job.  Still, I shall also try to take some time today to enjoy being alive, hugging my Dear One and Big Boy, maybe reading a few blogs ;)

I am grateful for the chance to get organised.


  1. Well, it will be interesting to see this deck this week. I finally got rid of my Book of Shadows As Above deck. I tried really hard to like it, but there were things about it I just couldn't get on with and so I sold it for a fiver. :) The second deck held no appeal for me at all. I really do need to avoid bandwagons, so I'm going to resist all urges to order this just because you are featuring it! :)

    1. I find that so strange, as at the outset you were incredibly inspired by the As Above deck, just perhaps not to read with... Anyhow, I think this is a nice, far more traditional deck. It may not blow you away, but it is pretty and interesting, with subtle twists and a nice racial mix, too. Still, I have no need to sell it to you, if you're happy with your current decks, I'm happy to read about how you use them! :D

    2. Yes, I was quite excited by the concept of the first deck, but the execution finally depleted all my enthusiasm. It started with that darn cow. ;)

      I didn't mean to imply that you were trying to sell, but that I find the decks you feature quite tempting. I was talking more to myself than to you! x (Reminder to self: do not buy this's not the deck that's impressive here, it's the reader and her insights. ;) )

    3. Yes, I remember your issues with that cow ;) Ah well...

      As for the decks, I think a half decent reader can get something our of pretty much anything. But, oh, the joys of sparklies :D