Friday, 12 April 2013

TLC on a GT Workshop

I've been doing some work this week for the Introduction to Reading the Lenormand Workshop which I'm running on 11th May.  One of the things I did was tweak the presentation on Lenormand Spreads, taking out the section on the GT.  Athough I know it's something people are interested in,  last time we really didn't have time to cover it properly, and also skipped some of the more basic stuff which is necessary before progressing onto the GT.  So, I've broken down things like the Nine Square more (including knighting, mirroring etc), as well as reading lines.  This way, I think it will actually give people a better foundation to then take on the Grand Tableau.

It also meant that I thought about how I would go about teaching the Grand Tableau - the Lenormand spread that uses all 36 cards.  There's definitely enough material there for a more advanced, half-day workshop.  And the presentation is now pretty much done apart from some of the illustrations (I got inspired).  So, I decided to use a TLC spread to ask the cards what they thought of me running said workshop.  I combined my Kindergarten Lenormand with the Tarot of the Absurd (Jessica Rose Shanahan, 2012).

TOTA©Jessica Rose Shanahan, Kindergarten Lenormand©Chloe McCracken
In the Situation line we have Moon, Child, Garden, Whips, Clover.  A new reputation brings public speaking opportunities.  Whether it's my increased confidence after having been asked to speak at the UK Tarot Conference, or simply that as I put more Lenormand content out there, more people will find me, it seems that opportunities for running workshops like this are materialising.  Looking at the mirroring, it's definitely a growing reputation that is creating these opportunities, and finding new things to talk about is a good idea.  At the heart of it is the Garden - community, people who want to learn.

What do the cards say I should avoid?  The High Priestess from the Tarot of the Absurd sits at a table with a huge book.  I see this as saying I shouldn't keep quiet about the knowledge I am gathering.

What should I do, then?  The Ten of Cups suggests something about family and emotional satisfaction: create a family of Lenormand people and make sure they are happy with what they receive.  Several people have already asked me about running a workshop on this, and there is a real feeling in me that I am part of a community - a good feeling.

The advice from the cards is Heart, Man, Book.  Combining passion, rationality and study is the best mix.  I shouldn't get swept away by enthusiasm, I have to make sure that things make sense on a material and practical level, too.  And I also need to make sure I do my research well and create appropriate materials. 

Overall, though, this reading seems very positive.  There are opportunities to be seized in the moment, and if I take a balanced approach to this - including enthusiasm, study and practicality - it has good prospects :)  So, I'll be announcing a workshop on reading the Grand Tableau soon!


  1. Sounds like a good idea to leave the GT out for the introductory workshop. I don't even get why people seem so hung up about wanting to learn it at all. Personally, I have no such inclination after learning how to use the Lennies in way that works for *me*. There is no evidence that Mlle Lenormand herself used the GT spread. But yes, there will be a market for half or full day workshop as people seem to be under the impression that you have to know how to read the Grand Tableau in order to call yourself a Lenormand reader.

    1. I know what you mean, Lisa! I generally want a quick answer, and the Lennie's give me that without resorting to the GT. I guess if you're reading for others, or if you only pull cards every so often, it might be different. I only do GT's for myself when I want an overview of several months. Still, as you say, there's a sense that it is the preeminent Lennie spread, and if people want to learn it, I'm happy to teach it :)

    2. It's interesting how we're going in completely different directions. You are going off on your TLC thing and I'm off on my very traditional Golden Dawn exploration. For the moment, I'm really enjoying Golden Dawn/Tree of Life/Qabalah stuff, even though I'm lost as the moon and haven't even scratched the surface yet! I've had no desire to pick up a Lennie in ages. So many paths!

    3. Well, you have to admit I have some external motivators to stick to this path ;D And I'd say it's one of the joys of this stuff - there is so much to it. Some other people have expressed surprise that I mainly read fellow tarot bloggers - but there is such variety even within that seemingly narrow category! Really enjoying reading what you are discovering, what you make of the Golden Dawn/Qabalah :)