Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What is Play?

©Emily Carding
I like the sentiment behind today's card from the Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog (Schiffer, 2012)!

In the background is Albus Dumbledog, who I think may have a small ball in his mouth.  He gazes, though, at a large football and some rope toys in the foreground.   Everything is ready for some serious playtime :D

Of course, we humans have rather different toys, at least some of the time.  And much of the best play requires no toys at all ;)  Yet, whether our games involve a screen or friends to play with, this card is about remembering to take some time out.  It highlights the importance of setting aside a space for play and enjoyment, to gain perspective on the responsibilities or worries of our lives.  I also note that Albus is outside, and these are all toys to be enjoyed actively.  So, getting outdoors and doing something sounds like a plan!

Another aspect of play that I love is the fact that it is so often a "flow" activity, in the sense in which Mihaly of the unpronounceable surname uses it.  Activities which keep us totally absorbed, losing track of time.  They aren't easy, but they are fun!  One of the things which Mihaly talks about is how, when something becomes too easy or habitual, it loses that all-encompassing focus for us.  We need to keep things fresh, and just the right degree of challenging to still be entertaining, without being daunting...

The Met Office say to expect heavy rain today, so I don't think I'll be going for a walk.  There's plenty of fun work that's calling me - I've been focusing on the Celtic Lenormand companion book, but there's still a lot to do since I decided to change my approach to the card information.  I've also been working up a second advanced Lenormand workshop, this one just on reading Lenormand Grand Tableaux :)  However, all of that does have a shade of work to it, so perhaps I'll also take some time to practice my Zentangle skills, just for fun :D

I am grateful that some of my work feels like play.


  1. The world would probably be a better place if we All went out to play every day :)

    1. Can't argue with you there, Sharyn! ;D