Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Yellow Feather

We have another Wands card, and a Court at that, today from the Mibramig Magical Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).

In this Page of Wands we see another horned creature, with a strange, downward-curving nose and small, straight horns.  I'm guessing it's an animal from the African sub-continent, but I could be way off.  And the LWB is as useful in this as blowing bubbles...  Anyway, our horned friend has a blue hat and cloak, a jaunty yellow feather in his cap, and a greenish tunic with salamanders on it.  He holds a wand firmly in both hands, and stands in a desert landscape, witha mountain range behind him.

I have to say, it's not a very fiery card.  Were it not for the salamanders, I'd say there was no hint of the associated element at all.  And I still don't get why horned creatures were chosen for the suit, though I guess it's better than birds for the earthy suit of Pentacles!  Perhaps because horned animals tend to be more aggressive, willing to butt heads with each other - so a bit of that dynamic wands energy :)  Yeah, I'll go with that.  If you have any other ideas, please do comment!

This card's energy feels youthful and still a little uncertain - he's gripping that wand rather tightly.  Still, I see determination in him, as well as a desire to explore the world.  The image suggests a cheerful outlook, but also a long path still to travel.

I could do with some of that exploratory energy today, as I want to get down to some research for the Celtic Lenormand.  I haven't been doing a card a day recently, with Big Boy on holiday and then ill, and I need to get my enthusiasm back for that and more!  It's definitely a long path, but if I can find the playfulness to make a start...

I am grateful for the internet, boon of all research projects.


  1. Enthusiasm is a funny old thing, isnt it? I love doing the things I do when all is going right, but I notice delay-techniques at the moment,so that I don't have to contend with problems with my sewing machine. Not feeling enthusiastic at the moment.

    I keep trying to put my finger on what seems strange about this deck. Is it fair to say there is little emotion in it? I like the colouring in the cards seen so far but the characters seem kind of blank. I can't make out the face of that one on the box cover or what it is. I've been looking at the cards every day with interest.

    Hope you get some stuff for the CL done today :)

    1. I have to say this deck does nothing for me at all. To me it is quite nightmarish. It's got that almost hallucinatory Alice-in-Wonderland weirdness that I've always disliked. Creepy!

    2. Hi PLN,

      Sorry to hear your sewing machine is still giving you gip!

      As for the cards, most of them aren't very emotive, you're right. Tomorrow's card is a bit different, but generally they don't have a huge amout of expression. Still, I rather like the details that come up in posture and placement...

      Didn't get much done on the CL, but did at least dig out some relevant books from my bookshelves...

    3. Hi Carla,

      I'm often a sucker for slightly weird and creepy decks - I have a large "dark deck" collection. And this one, for me, is rather cuter than truly dark. Ahh, maybe I'm just a sucker for decks full-stop, but I think this one would read pretty well, overall. Still, horses for courses... ;D And next week we'll be back to Lennies!

  2. What an intriguing deck this is. I will have to look more at this deck. :D

    1. Hi Arwen, it's quite peculiar in its choices and associations for the suits, but overall a quirky and interesting RWS clone ;)