Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bat Crazy

By Leo Tang
Another lovely card today from the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008).  This week is reminding me why I love this deck so much :)

Here we meet the Hanged Man, a white bat wrapped cocoon-like in his own wings.  He dangles from a spindly tree, with another curving across to meet it, creating a lovely frame for the full moon behind him.  In a strange play on perspective, a mountain rises in the distance, seeming dwarfed by both moon and bat.  It pokes straight up, as though the moon were a bubble that could come to rest on this little pedestal... or be popped by it!

In the Hanged Man's hand is a bok with a long-eared bunny on the cover.  And though he holds onto the tree with one foot, he is also tied to it by a hangman's noose-type rope.  So, is he just hanging out, taking some time to study before getting on with things?  Or is he trapped but making the best of it?  I like the suggestion that this is all part of a cycle (the moon), and that wisdom will come of it (the mountain).

Huh, looking at this card makes me think I'd like to take some time to read a novel.  Though actually, what my Dear One and I are planning is a trip out to see the new Star Trek film: Into Darkness :D  Won't get much done that way, and I'm not sure how "educational" it'll be, but at least it's a fun break in our routine.

I am grateful for an evening out with my love.


  1. What do you mean???!!!! Star Trek is always educational. Sheesh.

    Years ago I meant to buy this deck but never did, it really is charming.

    1. Hee hee, JJ :) The film was excellent! Really funny, really well-written, lots of appeal to die-hard Trekkers and to a new audience, too :D I only wish we could have seen it in 2D, as the 3D gave me a little headache.

      As for the deck, it's been lovely having this time with it, and I think I'll keep it out as my reading deck for a while...