Friday, 24 May 2013

Battling or Building?

By Leo Tang
And so our week with the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008) ends.

For our last card we have the Five of Wands.  Five bug-eyed frogs wearing red capes heft large wooden wands over their heads.  Are they jousting with them, or trying to build something?  And if trying to build something, wouldn't it help to have a plan or a leader? 

Overall, I'd say they are more constructive than aggressive, but the crazed eyes lend an air of madness to the proceedings.  I like their red capes, which are a nod to the element of Fire, and suggestive of their dynamism and strength of purpose.

Likewise, the choice of frogs for the suit of Wands is an interesting one.  While in no way fiery creatures, frogs are renowned for their creativity and adaptability, which does fit the suit of Wands.

A card, then, of people striving to get something done, but where a lack of organisation, a slight being at counter purposes, may get in the way of efficiency.

Hmm, not a great card for a day when I have a lengthy business meeting scheduled.  I take this as a suggestion to try to stay clear in my purpose, and avoid pointless battles. 

I am grateful for the Bank Holiday weekend coming up.


  1. These frogs are hilarious! The more I look at them, the more I laugh. And guess what, I drew 5 of Wands today, too. (Though I didn't post about it on my blog...those are 'official blog draws', while this one was an impromptu 'got any updates for me' draw. To which I drew 2 of Wands, Tower and 5 of Wands. Great.

    1. Ha, even messages like that seem less dire when they come in the form of funny frogs :)

  2. Aw, goodbye sweet little forest animals. Oh wait! I have the deck and can visit them anytime I like. :-) The fact that all the frogs on this card look alike and are dressed the same (as opposed to the Rider Waite 5 of wands) always makes me think of an inner conflict, being unable to focus or make a decision or of the critical voices warring with attempts to be more kind to myself. Almost different parts of myself are not working well together.

    1. Interesting point, Siddaleah. I was taught that numerologically the Fives are more outward/external troubles, with the Sevens being more inner conflict. Still, I don't like to be dogmatic, even with myself, and you make a good point about all the frogs looking and dressing the same :D Hope you can unite some of those different parts, get them pulling in the same direction, and make it a direction you really want!