Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cunning Fox?

By Leo Tang
Today's card from the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008) is a Court card, the King of Pentacles.  So, as mentioned yesterday, being a Pentacle card it shows a fox.  I quite like the association of foxes with Pentacles.  After all, foxes live in burrows in the earth.  Also, they are quite "smart", not in an over-thinking way, but in a getting things done way, which for me fits with the earthy, material Pentacles.

Here, then, is a fox King on his throne.  He wears an ermine-trimmed red cloak, and his throne is also upholstered in a deep, rich red.  His crown is three-pointed, and right above his head is an eight-pointed star.  He holds a Pentacle, and there are apples by his feet - a fruit which, when cut shows a pentacle shape at its core.  Of course, the apples could also be to show abundance...

The location for this King is interesting.  There is a little yellow wall just in front of him, curling around his throne, with a gap right in front of it.  Beyond the throne though, instead of a palace or throne-room, we see rolling hills which seem to almost merge with the wide blue sky.  Although the sky is prominent, so too is the landscape around him.

Altogether, this King has a lavish throne, with signs of abundance around him and in his clothes, and a strong connection to the land.  These are all symbols that fit well with my understanding of this card.  He feels a part of his environment, and acts responsibly towards it.  He enjoys the fruits of that connection, and isn't ashamed to take pleasure in sensual delights, be they the crisp freshness of biting into an apple, or the soft brush of ermine against his throat.

I've been thinking about where to take my tarot and Lenormand "business" recently, especially having decided that more regular work is going to be less possible with Big Boy's current state of health.  Yesterday, I created a database of people who have attended or expressed interest in my Lenormand workshops, and another for my Inner Whispers accounts for this financial year.  Definitely King of Pentacles- type pursuits.  As for today, I want to try out an on-line service for offering workshops at a distance...

I am grateful for the technology that helps me do so much from home.


  1. I was very interested in both of your classes on the Lenormand. It was purely a financial reason that I didn't attend. Not that your classes were expensive, because they were not. It was just adding on the extras, such as travel, which made it difficult in the present for me.

    The online service sounds interesting, You kind of get that idea from the king sitting on his throne, that he doesn't need to do the leg-work so much by being there in person.Good luck!

    1. Hi PLN,

      I like that, the King not needing to do the leg-work :) If you're interested, I'd be happy to add you to my Lenormand mailing list. I'll only do it if you say, though, as I don't want to spam anyone :D

  2. Hi Chloë!

    I love the foxy king. Of course foxes are our family totem animal! This is a cute deck...I don't own it though.

    I like how you are coming up with ideas on how to mitigate the difficulty of having a child that is sick and juggling that with work and other responsibilities while stilling finding a way to get interest in workshops. I am sure you'll do a great job with it.


    1. Hi MM,

      As I said on Saturday, this is one of those decks that I'm not sure how I could have forgotten to blog with it before - absolutely lovely!

      Yeah, that juggling game is a tough one, as you well know. Wishing us both luck finding a good balance :)