Sunday, 5 May 2013

Divided Mind

By Ricardo Minetti & Mara Aghem
For this second day with the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), we have another Knave (Page), this time of Swords.

Whether through paint or natural pigmentation, this young fey is half light blue and half purple.  Even his wings are of these different tones, and he wears a wrap skirt of the same shade of purple.  He has fuchsia eyes and a matching gem at the point of his third eye, as well as in the hilt of his sword.  This seems to levitate in front and to the left of him, blade down at a slight angle. 

The Knave's colours indicate communication and wisdom, yet they are always separate.  Perhaps, this image suggests that his ideas are up in the air and he cannot yet clearly communicate any wisdom he has gained from them.  There is potential here, which has yet to be integrated into his being.  Or, as his belt suggests, there are links in the chain which just don't connect, for the time being.

It's been over a week since a tutor helped me get a basic grasp of Photoshop.  That's something I'd like to try to cement.  If not today, as Sundays are family time, then maybe tomorrow...

I am grateful for all I have learnt, and all that is still unknown.

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