Saturday, 18 May 2013

Don't Be A Boar?!

This week, I'll be drawing from another deck which I realised with surprise I had never used on this blog!  This is the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008) by Leo Tang.  I got this deck when it first came out, and think it wonderfully cute, interesting and evocative.  I guess, though, that because I bought it before I started blogging, it somehow got lost in amongst the shiny new decks...

While this deck is undoubtedly super cute, it also brings a lot to the table.  Take today's card, the Knight of Pentacles.  A little fox rides atop a huge boar.  The fox appears to hold a pentacle-tipped javelin, and charges forward with single-minded focus.  Having a boar as his steed also seems very a propos.  For one thing, the Knight of Pentacles is sometimes seen as a bit of a bore, with his practicality and sense of responsibility.  For another, the boar is renowned for its surprising strength and determination, qualities well-suited to its rider.

Just imagine riding a boar that big!  That would take a degree of confidence, as well as steadfastness.  After all, I imagine the boar would notice if you weren't firm on the reins, and toss you off like yesterday's rubbish.

A card, then, of determination, practicality, and a willingness to do something even if it's hard, to stick to it no matter what.

Today, this card reminds me that slow and steady wins the race.  Big Boy is still ill and grumpy, and now he's shared his cold with me :(  So, anything I do today is likely to take twice as long as usual, but things still have to get done. 

I am grateful for the reminder to persevere.


  1. Oh wow, this deck has always seemed freaky to me with all the pop-eyed creatures! It will be a week of the sense of being stared at. ;)

    1. I'm told it's a particular "style"... They look to me like they're trying to hypnotise us ;D