Friday, 10 May 2013

Flying Mice

By Ricardo Minetti & Mara Aghem
For this last day with the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), we have another Major, the third this week.  This time, it is the Magician who comes out to play.

This Magician has rather a “Sorceror’s Apprentice” feel to him.  I wonder what he is doing with the mouse he is levitating.  Or perhaps that mouse is something he is creating (real, or an illusion), based on the mouse sitting before him.  Either way, he seems to have all the resources he needs to work his magic.  Though I must say, he doesn’t seem terribly organised or tidy about it!  Books lay strewn to one side, a sword being used as a bookmark in one, a pentacle leaning up against the side of the stack of books.  The wand may be the mini-tree in a pot on the top of all those books.  At least he has sense enough to keep that chalice of wine away from all the books, though the mouse’s tail could knock it over onto the sheet of paper beneath, perhaps holding the very spell he’s working on...

Sometimes, creativity can be chaotic.  And so long as we are comfortable with that, so long as it works, then that’s fine.  Still, it is also a skill to work in an organised way, and one that our Magician might benefit from perfecting...

I’ll admit, my workspace often gets a bit like this towards the end of a project.  However, I do try to keep the piles of books and other bits and bobs (notepaper with random scrawls, decks of cards, pens, printouts, etc.) in check, and tidy them up fairly regularly.  The decks get tidied most often, if I’m honest, as I want to protect them more.  And given that my main workspace also doubles up as our dining table, that is a relevant concern.  With the rest, I worry less about spillages somehow... ;)

I am grateful for the reminder that getting projects done doesn’t require chaos, even if they do encourage it.

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