Thursday, 9 May 2013

Glum King

©Ricardo Minetti & Mara Aghem
The Court cards are, for me, some of the strangest in the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003).

For example, here we have the King of Pentacles.  And although he’s standing in a wonderful city (material wealth, tick), with a great sun-etched golden pentacle (symbol of material well-being, tick), he doesn’t seem particularly earthy.  In fact, he looks rather fiery to me!  Just compare him with yesterday’s male fey - now there was an earthy creature.  However, this King of Pentacles is orange, with red highlights in his flame-like hair, and he wears red, pink and mauve clothes to boot.  I guess red is a quite grounded colour, associated with the root chakra.  Still, overall my sense is one of fire and determination.

That determination, though, seems to be sorely tried: his expression is careworn, almost glum.  Despite the fabulous wealth around him, he seems weighed down by responsibility.  I guess that fits quite well with the King of Pentacles, who takes seriously the idea of providing for those who depend on him.

Today, this card reminds me to take care of practicalities now that I am home again.  I need to make sure all my equipment is working for Saturday’s Lenormand workshop, that the handouts are all ready, and other paperwork is taken care of.  I’ll draw on this King’s determination to get everything organised in good time...

I am grateful for a strong practical streak.

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