Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hedgehog Joyride

By Leo Tang
For this second day with the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008), we have another small creature riding beasts far larger than himself.

This time, though, it is a hedgehog riding a Chariot pulled by what look like wildebeest (though, once again, I'm no biologist).  All of the creatures have the same strange, staring eyes, giving them a somewhat crazed look.  Perhaps that's what makes me think of joyriders when I see this particular card ;)

In this version of the Chariot, the two beasts yoked to the cart are the same, and don't obviously seem to be pulling in different directions.  The only nod to tradition, in that sense, is that they wear a white and a black blanket to differentiate them.  When we harness our dark and our light sides, we can move forward with determination and power, embracing our destiny.  It can be scary to take our destiny into our own hands.  And yet, the joy of knowing we are doing what we choose and what we can is intense, too.

It's funny, this is the second Sunday in a row that the Chariot has come up here.  And Sunday isn't a day I really associate much with taking charge of my life, as it's our biggest family day.  Which means trying to make sure everyone gets enough of what they need.  And there it is, the Chariot I harness.  Not just my own desires, but those of Big Boy and my Dear One.  With both of them being fairly headstrong, it can sometimes feel like an out-of-control ride, but overall I think we do ok.

I am grateful for the people who share this road with me.


  1. Drive them hosses, Ben! ;)

  2. This card's image made me laugh! The frenzied look in the eyes and the flared nostrils--it's like a cartoon still. Well, I guess that IS what it is.

    I feel sorry for you in terms of having to wrangle such high intensity males! I feel sorry for my husband as well--since he has two fiery females (an Aries and a double Sag) that are often quite intense, moody and a bit wild. Haha! Of course I understand that there is a reason we are drawn to our opposites, or at least someone with qualities we admire that compliment ours in strange and different ways.

    Sometimes it's rough though!


    1. Ha ha, yes, MM, I can imagine J has his work cut out for him sometimes. Still, if he's anything like me, he'll think it's all worthwhile :)