Monday, 27 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Black & Gold Lenormand

Today's deck is one from an array offered by Paris Debono, the Fortune Teller.  While not all his decks are traditional Lenormand's this one is.  I liked it for the unusual colouring, Black and Gold as the name implies, and the images do not disappoint.  Another nice aspect is that, being from Australia, this deck ISN'T a Printer Studio deck.  Not that they're bad, far from it, but it's nice to have some cards that feel a little different in the hand.

A very cheerful little reading here, with Clover, Stars and Garden.

Enjoyment of an on-line community. 
Lucky guidance around a public event.
Happiness spreads through a group.
The small joys of a funfair (technology in a park).

The last of these feels fitting for today, as if the weather plays along we will almost certainly go to the Bank Holiday funfair on the local Heath with Big Boy.  He loves the noise, the crowds, the rides (well, age appropriate ones).  He squeals with joy at being swung around, and flinches in delight on the dodgems.

I am grateful for the simple joys of childhood.


  1. What a nice looking deck. I have only one Lenormand oracle the Gypsy.

    This is indeed a nice set of cards and I hope you have a wonderful time at the funfair!

    1. Hi Helen,

      The Gypsy Lenormand is a nice deck, too. You clearly like dark Lenormands ;)

      The weather was lovely, and Big Boy had a great time. His parents were somewhat less impressed - somehow the stink of diesel generators, over-fried fat, and cotton candy doesn't have the same allure anymore :o