Friday, 31 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Kendra's Vintage Again

For this last day, I wanted to come back to Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand (2013) again.  This time, it's the regular vertical deck, which comes with 67 cards to choose from.  There are several variants with a "holiday" theme - Christmas or Thanksgiving, so I guess you could change your deck choices as the seasons roll by.  There are also four "Card 37"'s: extra, non-traditional Lenormand cards, which are interesting and cute.  Kendra has uploaded a video on using the extra "card 37" cards, which is fun and helpful, though I don't think I will read "Social Hour" quite the way she does...  I've made up my personal deck for the moment (could change in the future), with 47 cards.  Drawing from that, I got: Social Hour, Mountain, and Water Lily.

Peer pressure blocks us from inner tranquility.
A stony facade hides a passionate nature.
Time spent networking feels like an ordeal, though we know it is required for leadership in a given area.
Cold social relations affect our sense of peace.
Old-fashioned social graces feel like an up-hill battle.

A couple of these speak to me today.  I sometimes have that sense of self-doubt raised by the comments of others, blocking me from feeling at ease with myself, as suggested by the first interpretation.  And certainly, when those around me seem cold, it disturbs my inner balance.  So, these all seem to be about how I connect with others, and what that means to me.

Despite the talk of being self-reliant, and loving ourselves first, I've written before about the importance of inter-connectedness and validation from others.  We humans are social creatures!  I'll be sure to make an effort today to connect with others, and to validate them.

I am grateful for the people in my life, both near and far.


  1. They're not being buttheads on Facebook again, are they??

    1. Well, there are always some buttheads on Facebook, but I'm staying clear of most of them! This was more in general - I even felt my Dear One was being a bit cold this morning. Turns out he thought I'd prefer not to interact as I was half-asleep and heading back to bed. That's the problem with "mind-reading", as I'm always alert enough to chat, it's him that can't hold a conversation before breakfast (or sometimes even a while after) :D

      Still, it's a bit like you posted earlier this week, sometimes we're so easily influenced by even the slightest comment...

  2. Self-doubt is a horrible thing. But remember, others have their own demons and doubts too, which is probably why they feel a need to try and rip at your confidence. Not all comments come from a place of purity and good-will. It is difficult, but I always try to not let external events control how 'I' feel. I don't always manage, but I do sometimes. I always tell me boyfriend this when someone has been an a**hole to him at work and he brings it home and into his personal life. We've had many chats about being the 'effect' rather than the 'cause' in life.

    I really hope whatever these comments do not sour your confidence. Comments are not always constructive and have their own agendas a lot of the time, probably saying more about the commentator than you.

    1. Thanks, PLN. I know you're right, and yet it is also a fact that we are such social creatures we can't totally ignore others, nor should we. I guess it's just about getting a healthy balance. And having a loving partner to remind you when it's "their" stuff is a good start :)