Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand

Welcome to another Lennie Week, where we'll explore some more lovely self-published Lenormand decks.  To start and end the week, I want to take a look at Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand (self-published, 2013).  There are three versions of this deck, the regular (which has lots of extra cards to choose between), the mini (decidedly cute), and the landscape version (innovative as ever, Kendra!)  We'll start with the latter, which is the first Lenormand I've come across with the card images horizontal rather than vertical.  I think it would make a GT a little unwieldy, though you could always lay it out 6x6 instead of one of the other formats...

Our cards today are Bear, Birds and Anchor.

A phonecall from your boss makes work.
A conversation with your mother proves grounding.
A chatty manager is hard work.
Weighty discussions about nutrition.
Nervous eating connected with work stress.

Seems like the message today is to beware of stresses around work.  Whether it's a phonecall from the boss or that packet of biscuits that's always in the staff room, there can be many ways that work negatively impacts us.  Maybe for today we shouldn't answer the phone :)

While I don't work in an office environment, I still definitely notice the unhealthy eating patterns which work stress encourages.  Sometimes, food feels like a way to escape for a little while: "I'll just have a biscuit while I relax a minute" seems to become: "While I'm eating I don't have to work".  So, today I shall try to be more mindful.  Perhaps giving myself permission to take some time out, without needing food as an excuse or accompaniment, would be a good start...

I am grateful for the reminder to stay mindful with my eating.

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