Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Melissa Lenormand

I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on a second hand copy of this lovely deck, the Melissa Lenormand (2nd edition) by Melissa Haney, who also created the Modern Minimalist Lenormand (which no longer seems to be available) and the Postmark Lenormand.  This deck has a couple of extra cards, and was created with public domain images.  It is vintage in feel, and very readable.

The cards we have today are Stars, Anchor, and Joker.  Hmm, the Stars and extra cards seem to be coming up a lot this week...

Guidance about work leads to confusion.
Working with technology can prove tricksy.
Plan for work which takes you to unexpected places.
Hope for playful groundedness.

The last is my pick of the day.  While some of the others (the second in particular) are undoubtedly true, today I have Big Boy by myself.  So, I'll definitely have to try to stay both playful and grounded. 

I am grateful for some time to meditate and exercise before I take on play duties, should help with the grounded part...

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