Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Petit Lenormand Noir

One of my favourite artists, Robyn Tisch-Hollister, has created another Lenormand.  I loved her Chronata's Minute Lenormand, and adore her All Hallows Tarot.  With this Petit Lenormand Noir (2013) she has another deck which will, I'm sure, stand the test of time!

As for today's reading, we have House, Child, and Snake.

A new home takes a winding path.
Family concerns over a girl child.
Starting on the property ladder is a treacherous road.
A child in the family brings another woman into the picture.
A child at home causes delays.

Ha, well as any mother will tell you, kids around the house always cause delays.  Whether it's young 'uns who need help putting on their shoes and coats, or older kids who don't want to go to (insert family destination), kids can rarely be relied on to speed up anything, really, except the aging of their parents ;)  I shall take today's cards as a reminder to give myself plenty of time for anything today, seeing as Big Boy is still on half-term.

I am grateful that school starts up again next week.


  1. That is a lovely Lenornand. I've always admired Robins artwork and consistency. There is a lot of depth and soul in her work.I find her determination and creativity very inspiring.

    Isn't it beautiful how the backgrounds make all of the cards into one picture. Makes for a really different kind of reading. Looking at the three, I see a child outside the house who is taking so much time to do whatever it is that even the snake has b*ggered off, hehe.

    Hope BB is having a good half term and that the weather is better than it is here!

    1. I hadn't thought of the way the background unites the cards, but you're quite right. Hilarious idea that even the Snake has b*ggered off :D

      BB went to the Zoological Museum today, as the weather is pretty crappy here, too!