Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lennie Week 7 - Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle

Sylvie Steinbach, the first person to publish a book about the Lenormand in English, has now self-published a Lenormand deck of the same name: the Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle (2013).  It's pretty traditional, no extra cards, and I was rather disappointed that it came with no cards with keywords or anything else (though she does send through a LWB pdf).  As a published author, it wouldn't have been hard to create some brief descriptions or keywords and put them on a couple of the extra cards that come with the deck.  Being a Printer Studio publication, direct fromt the company, it came with extra cards which were just a hodge-podge of spares from the standard 36 as filler - very uninspired!  Anyhow, the cards themselves are quite nicely produced, with interesting, gentle colours, and the card stock is decent.

So, for today's reading we have Garden, Fish and Whips.

A financial group gets into arguments.
Discussions about money in a public setting.
An alcoholic at a party falls into addictive patterns.
The dispersal of a group spreads discord.
A party is rained out to the disgruntlement of those attending.  While common here in the UK, for today the Met office is predicting sun, so there goes that interpretation.
A business man gives a public talk.
Public diatribe about finances.
Whether going out to the park or dancing at home, let yourself just flow.

The last, while perhaps the least traditional, is the only interpretation that really resonates with me today.  While there are some storms in the teacup of a few on-line settings I'm involved with, I plan to pay them no mind today.  Instead, a walk in public with Big Boy and my Dear One after a bit of exercise sounds just the ticket for a sunny Sunday :)

I am grateful for times when I can go with the flow of life in a calm and joyous way.


  1. Oooh, those are pretty. I like! :)

    1. Wow, I just had a look at the deck via your link. COULD there be more of a contrast between Man and Woman than in this deck? Fully dressed, upright, military man, slinky half-dressed seductress woman. Hmm. And does each card say '2013 Sylvia Steinbeck' like in the slide show??

      I like that last interpretation, too. Funny, when I read it, it was like a 'ping' in my head and chest. :)

    2. Hiya Carla,
      The cards just have the little ©Sylvie Steinbach in gold lettering in the bottom right corner, as shown in the scan above, rather than the big white ones you see in the slide show. And yes, what a contrast between the Man and Woman - they don't seem to belong together at all. Or maybe they do - after a hard day protecting your country, you want a little R&R :/

      Hope you find your flow today :D

    3. The little gold one is the one I meant...I find it way too distracting, it's too bad really as I was actually considering buying this one. It's very minimalist, which I do like.

      So far today my day has been flowy. I actually worked out! Then we went and bought coffee, I made us some stirfried veg and noodles with harissa tofu, and now I'm working on a 7-card reading for a customer. (I've cruised over here for a break at card 5. :D )

    4. Nice! A workout, good food, and a paid reading :) Ah well, who needs more decks anyway ;D

  2. Ack! I'm having a party tonight. lol! those are pretty cards. Lenormand is a bit beyond me right now, but your posts intrigue me.

    1. Hope your party went smoothly, Siddaleah, without rain or arguments! Lenormand is a lot of fun, though quite a different way of reading. Glad you find the posts intriguing, and maybe you'll be tempted into learning. There are some good resources out there - for example Hexe Claire and Donnaleigh DelaRose, as well as various books, with more to come soon :)

  3. The party went very well, but there were some people who didn't make it, and the cards actually seemed to have foreseen a bit of that. Interesting!

    1. *spooky face* :D Glad the party went well, in any case! Cx