Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mr and Mrs Corncob

By W. Crane and E. Fitzpatrick
This week's deck is one I got second hand from Carla at Rowan Tarot. This copy of the Harmonious Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2005) has been trimmed, and the elegant writing on it is Carla's :)

Today's card is the Ten of Coins (Pentacles).  Instead of a family, old man and dog, we have Mr and Mrs Corncob, as I like to call them.  He is like a cross between the Fool and the King of Wands, while she reminds me of the woman traditionally seen on the Nine of Pentacles. 

And that might well be a good combination for this card.  To get to a place of material comfort can take the Fool's willingness to take a leap into the unknown, as well as the King of Wands' passion and drive, and the Nine of Pentacles' willingness to work to achieve independence.

After all that, though, we should also remember to enjoy having reached where we are.  Of course, there is always further to go, new horizons calling us.  Still, for today, it's just about appreciating what we've achieved.

As for me, today I get to enjoy running another Intoduction to Reading the Lenormand workshop.  It's taken a fair bit of work over the last months and weeks: organizing the room; advertising in Ezines and newsletters, here on the blog and through tweets; tweaking the presentations (the afternoon section is almost totally new); printing out materials; and plenty of paperwork.  Should it still be called paperwork if it's all electronic: invoices and emails etc?  Anyhow, after all that, today's card reminds me to honor what I've done and enjoy the day.

I am grateful to be doing fun and enjoyable work.


  1. Hope the workshop went well! (I'm sure it did :)) That's a very pretty deck - love it cropped! *adds to wish list*

    1. Hiya Lisa,

      It was a really fun day again, and great to meet some more lovely people :) The feedback was very positive, so I hope everyone got a lot out of it!

      As for this deck, it is pretty. And I think it's probably all the better for being cropped, though I don't think I'd have had the patience to do so...


    2. Actually the cropping of that deck was a cinch. Thin cardstock, very clear borders. Whack whack. Bye bye little deck, I'm sure you will love your new home! :)

    3. Yikes, you sound like a killer-for-hire - whack, whack, bye bye! :D I'm definitely finding it an interesting deck, and it is very pretty!